Héctor García e3d46cbd8d Revert "Intent to make git cleaner" 9 years ago
Makefile.am f5281cfda5 Add gettext support 10 years ago
Makefile.in e3d46cbd8d Revert "Intent to make git cleaner" 9 years ago
mssh-gconf.c d496bb4110 Update to support vte 0.40 9 years ago
mssh-gconf.h 82564e94c9 Add the option to change colors to the focused terminal 10 years ago
mssh-pref.c a650a623d3 Changed gtk_button_new_from_stock to gtk_button_new_with_label 10 years ago
mssh-pref.h f8496524ca Imported Upstream version 1.2 14 years ago
mssh-terminal.c aa5215a6a8 Adapted mssh_terminal_child_exited to new signal call 9 years ago
mssh-terminal.h 487e0a449a Added patch to define back scroll lines for terminals 10 years ago
mssh-window.c d663eeac8d Merge branch 'master' into gettext 9 years ago
mssh-window.h 721a328aa3 Merge some changes from branch 'gtk2' into main 10 years ago
mssh.c 952fa84357 Merge branch 'gettext' of baloo.dyndns.biz:mssh into gettext 10 years ago